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Effective as of: January 22, 2021

Personal Loan (Unsecured)*
Term (mnths)APR1Payment per $10002
VISA Credit CardsAPR*
Platinum with Rewards9.90%
Kwik Cash Line of Credit
APR*Payment per $10002
12.99%varies on balance
Real Estate Loans
Second Mortgage FIXED Rates 80% or below CLTV4,5________________________________________________
Term (months)APR1Payment per $10002
Second Mortgage Fixed Rates 81-90%4,5CLTV
Term (months)APR1Payment per $10002
Second Mortgage Line of Credit Rates4,5
80% or below CLTV Rate = Current Prime Rate floor of 4%
81%-90% CLTV, Rate = Current Prime Rate plus 1%
Current Prime Rate: 3.25%
7 year draw period. Payments are based on 1.5% (min pymnt $50.) of the outstanding principal balance. Floor Rate equals 4.00%.
Share (Savings) Secured
Term (months)APR1Payment per $10002
48 maxSavings Rate plus 4%varies on investment
1 APR= Annual Percentage Rate. All advertised rates are based on a credit score 680 or above, with automatic loan payments, E-Statements and one additional account relationship with the credit union. Actual Rate will vary based on creditworthiness and add .5% to the advertised rate if the borrower does not have additional product, E-Statments and automatic payments
2 To calculate estimated payment per $1000. Divide the loan amount by 1,000 (for a $10,000 loan / 1000 = 10). Multiply that amount by the payment per $1000 amount disclosed. Payment is based on rate shown. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Actual payments may be higher due to taxes or insurance and if included the payments will be higher.
3 All vehicle and recreational loans will require insurance coverage. If the insurance is not maintained the credit union may purchase coverage to protect the credit union and the borrower will reimburse the credit union.
4 Available on Owner-Occupied properties with a maximum of 4 units. Property Insurance is required in an amount to cover replacement cost of the dwelling.
5 Closing Costs range from $450-$875